Would It Help To Have A Better Memory? Memory Loss Is a Huge Problem For People Young and Old…Anyone Can Improve Their Memory So They Can Get The Grades They Deserve

by Scott Straub, Professor/Memory Expert classroom-photo-of-me1

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in peoples’ lives? It isn’t always natural ability or intelligence. Why is school seemingly so easy for some students – and so intimidating for others? It isn’t that one student wants to be happy and successful and the other one doesn’t.

The difference lies in the way that they process and store information in their minds.

If so, you are about to learn the most often misunderstood truth about retaining information. Read on…

Here’s a taste of what you will discover:

* How to dramatically reduce time spent poring over note cards and text books!

* A system which is Proven to work with students who have ADD/ADHD

* How to increase concentration so you can remember names, dates etc.

* Strategies to reduce stress so your brain is ready to absorb information quickly.

* How to make complex information fun and interesting.

* How to spend LESS time studying – and more time learning in class AND at home.

* Why images and visualization are key to having a great memory.

* How to impress teachers, friends and family with your new, improved memory.

* A system to remember any fact or concept – with ease.

* A better memory will make any person happier and more confident.

Discover The Secrets of a Former Failing Student who made it to Graduate School and Beyond – Now I’m a College Professor!

“Professor Scott, thank you so much. I used to fear going to my community college classes, and now I have way more confidence in every class.” Jerry Cook, Hamilton, NJ

“I am in high school and school has been tough for me. Your memory program has helped me pass History and Science. Thank you. Next year, I am going to college! Max Miller, Florida

And this is why I am writing to you and people like you about a few techniques that can change students’ grades, and their lives, forever.

What if you or your child could learn a better way to process information? How would that change their grades? Their life? It’s not intelligence that determines grades, it’s the systems and habits which are used on a consistent basis.

Are You?

  • A College Student
  • Adult Struggling With Memory
  • A High School Student
  • A Parent of a College or High School Student?
  • An Adult Continuing Their Education?
  • A Person Looking to Improve Their Memory?

If so, you are about to learn the most often misunderstood truth about retaining information. Read on…

Here’s a taste of what you will discover:

* How to dramatically reduce time spent poring over note cards and text books!

* A system which is Proven to work with students who have ADD/ADHD

* How to increase concentration.

* Strategies to reduce stress so your brain is ready to absorb information quickly.

* How to make complex information fun and interesting.

* How to spend LESS time studying – and more time learning in class AND at home.

* Why images and visualization are key to having a great memory.

* How to impress teachers, friends and family with your new, improved memory.

* A system to remember numbers or dates – with ease.

* Why a better memory will make any student happier and more confident.

My name is Professor Scott Straub and you may wonder what makes me an expert? Over the past 15 years I havescott-straub-new-jersey-teaching-certificates-124-160 been helping students of all ages change their grades, and their lives. Why? Because I understand the pain some students go through.

I went from failing virtually every subject from 4th grade through my sophomore year of college because I was the messiest kid in my grade; to getting on the Dean’s list, then finally earning my Masters in Education, going on to teach at every level of education. Now I teach college students how to use the same techniques I learned which got me to the top of my class.

You see I started off like any normal young student, but by second grade I started to fall behind the other kids in my class and no one knew why. By third grade I was already several reading levels behind and my math scores were low as well. Imagine losing your self confidence and self esteem like I did.


I started having severe periods of depression. The only advice I ever got was to “work harder”, but no matter what I did I slipped further and further behind. By fourth grade my teachers recommended I be placed with the “lower level” students.


While I tested well on the national exams, my grades continually got worse because I was a mess and I had trouble remembering facts and concepts. I simply believed the some students “have it”, and some students don’t.

By junior high, going to college seemed like a pipe dream as I was going to be lucky just to graduate. In fact, I had failed so many classes my senior year I was scheduled to repeat the grade!

My future looked bleak. My tenth grade English teacher told me I had to “get really good with a wrench because that’s all that you’ll be able to do after high school.” Imagine how that felt.

After barely getting out of high school, only the local community college would accept me. After a year and half of failing classes, I was scheduled to be placed on academic probation – which meant that I was about to kicked out of the only school that would have me.

This Changed My Life:

I leaned how to remember facts and dates using a time-tested technique that medical students have been using for decades. Plus, my sister helped me organize and prepare for the upcoming semester.

For the first time in my life I was actually prepared and ready to go for the first day of class. I remember feeling smart.

In fact, I got the highest grade on my first Spanish I quiz! I was thrilled and proud of myself.

scott-straub-teaching-in-school-356-by-334-with-blue-textLong story short – using these techniques and others I discovered, I gained momentum. I even made it on the Deans list the following semester, but more importantly my grades were soon good enough to transfer into a 4 year college.

These new skills allowed me to become an award-winning teacher, researcher, writer and a much more confident and happy person.

I’ve taught thousands of students from Elementary to Graduate school how to dramatically improve their grades using the same techniques I learned, and I can teach You or your Child too. “School can be a wonderful place for children if they are taught the skills necessary for success.”

Why haven’t the experts helped you improve your memory already?

One would think that with all of the so-called experts, the Internet and the Schools would be loaded with outstanding information. Well, as I’m sure you’ve found out, this simply isn’t true. Most writers and researchers give vague, theoretical information, but rarely do they ever provide a step-by-step practical guide on how to implement it.

Virtually everyone who teaches or writes about helping students has had a very successful school career. In other words, they were the “teacher’s pet.” While this is commendable, the problem is that they have never experienced the pain and frustration of failure firsthand. These well-intentioned folks don’t have the actual experience of struggling, therefore their methods are often written from theory, and not experience.

“Mr. Straub, you changed my life! I am finally doing well in school. I do much better on tests and I never forget to do my homework. Life is much better now!”

Barbara Cohen Student – Morristown, NJ

I know what struggling students go through because I was one for a very long time. The techniques that I teach absolutely work because I used them AND I have taught these same strategies to thousands of students of all ages – with great success. I’ve also worked with many children and adults who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and have had great success quickly improving their skills, and of course, their grades.

There is hope, I guarantee it!

Just because you or your child may be not do well in school now, doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. For over 95% of students, memorizing the information needed to get better grades has nothing to do with intelligence; it has to do with the strategies that are used.

While this is an extreme result, I’ve had students go from getting 0′s to 90% or better. It demonstrates how effective this new technique can be.

They do NOT teach this stuff in school anymore!

Have you (or your child) bombed tests and quizzes due to forgetting important information? Forgotten definitions? Facts? Dates?

Teachers these days are very busy. From implementing new curriculum to getting students ready for a myriad of new state and federal tests, there just isn’t enough time to teach some of the essential ‘foundation’ skills many students need to survive and excel. Most teachers are very caring individuals and want to help children in any way they can, but there are only so many hours in a school day.

And it’s not just students in the younger grades who struggle. When I taught college classes, I was amazed at how unprepared these folks were too. From grade school to graduate school, everyone needs to understand what it takes to consistently get good grades. For most people it that they simply lack a few skills, which once learned, change their lives forever.

As a teacher, I’ve seen thousands of students struggle because they lacked a few essential systems and habits. It broke my heart that no one was helping these children so I decided to fix it using the systems that took me so long to figure out. I started out teaching just a few students. It has now grown to where I teach students from around the world how to get an edge in school, and in life!

You DO NOT have to be “Gifted” to have a good memory!

It’s not how smart you are that determines your success in school – it’s the habits and systems you use, and this has never been more true than with memory. You will discover simple strategies that successful students use to get better grades and ace tests easily. From Grade school To Graduate school, any student can improve their memory, and thus their grades, which leads to many things including higher self esteem. You Do NOT have to be a genius to remember the things you need to know. I’ve helped thousands of students improve their memories and I can help you or your child too. Read on…

You Don’t Have to Read a 300 Page Book to Understand This!

Have you ever gone to a book store looking for a book to help you solve a problem? Just about every book on the shelves is at least 200 pages, and often they are much longer. Who has time to read a novel full of this fluff? My professor once told me, “If you can’t explain it in a few pages, it probably means you don’t fully understand it yourself.”

My program, “Tune Up Your Memory”, gets right to the point. I realize people are very busy today and I hate to waste time, so all of my techniques get right to the point so you can see improvement immediately, and start earning the grades you or your child deserves.

“Mr. Straub has helped more than any other teacher I had. I was doing poorly on tests, I was losing my books and supplies, and was very frustrated with everything. After Mr. Straub taught me how to remember facts, study and how to organize my stuff, my grades started to go up. I’m doing way better in every class. Everything Mr. Straub teaches is fun and easy to learn.”

Jamie M.
6th grade student – Randolph Middle School, Randolph New Jersey

Discover simple, time saving techniques that can help you start getting the grades you’ve always dreamed of, even if you never did well in school before.

I’ve worked with every level of student from Elementary to Graduate school, and I can assure that there are only a few tricks you need to know to improve your grades. No matter how good you are right now, you can do better and do it more efficiently and effectively.

It’s not your fault!

During the past 20 years or so there has been a movement in education to pressure teachers into teaching much more information in the same amount of time. Because of this added pressure, teachers have less time to teach the fundamentals which are essential in school. Techniques such as how to improve memory are all but forgotten now.

The sad thing is that these tools and memory shortcuts are even more important now because of how much information is being taught. Think of these techniques as the foundation of a house – and we all know that a house built on a weak foundation will not be very strong.

Students today often have a weak foundation, therefore they find it difficult or even impossible to keep with up the fast pace that many schools have implemented these days.

Technique 1 – A simple technique can save you or your child LOTS of time and energy!

Recently I taught a group of students how to quickly and easily remember foreign words and definitions.

Typically about a 1/4 of students would naturally be able to memorize information quickly, 1/4 would do fairly well with memory, and the rest would be just a disaster, much like me when I was in school. This bell curve is what you find in most schools. And it is what most educators have to come to expect from their students.

Well, since over 95% of the students chose to use these powerful tools I recently taught them, 46 out of a 55 students received an A’s on their next foreign vocabulary quiz! Typically, a majority of the students would not have gotten A’s, but since they learned how use their own “photographic images” in their minds to remember the information, their grades were fantastic!

I was delighted, but the other teachers said I was forcing them to “give grades away” because mostly everyone was using the same, very powerful, technique. Can you believe that? These teachers were upset with me because they weren’t able to give out the normal range of grades! In reality a majority of the students simply decided to use the same powerful systems that were usually reserved for the “smart” kids.

Why should only the “smart” students do well in school?

You see, grades have virtually nothing to do with intelligence, and students’ grades are largely based on the techniques and systems they use on a daily basis, and any student can start using the same techniques as the top students. If they do, very quickly they start getting the same grades. It’s not magic, it’s just better systems.

EVERY Student, young and old, must:

* Know how to dramatically reduce time spent pouring over note cards and text books!

* Increase their ability to concentrate.

* Know strategies to reduce stress.

* Make complex information fun and interesting.

* Spend LESS time studying – and more time learning in class AND at home.

* Use images and visualization which are key to having a great memory.

* Have a system to remember numbers or dates with ease.

In this program you’ll discover how to dramatically increase any students’ ability to memorize large amounts of information quickly.

Here’s What You Will Be Getting

* To-The-Point Video Shows How to Improve Memory

* Step-by-Step eBook

* Quickstart Guide

* Entertaining and unforgettable examples for every subject – including math!

* 55 Minute Memory Workshop

Here’s what you Won’t be getting

* You won’t learn concepts that are untested and unproven. Everything I show you has been tested with thousands of students, including myself!

* You won’t be given theoretical tools that don’t have a specific plan for implementation.

* You won’t be getting a 300 page book that goes on and on without getting to the point! I hate when my time is wasted and I won’t waste yours.

“Thank you Mr. Straub! Your simple techniques completely changed my son’s life around. The techniques for learning and memorizing were the best. He memorized all of the presidents in order, in less than an hour-not bad for a 6th grader who usually gets C’s and D’s!In addition, in the last three months your system for organizing notebooks has helped my son become one of the most organized kids in his class too (he was one of the messiest children before), and now he even helps my other children and his friends with their school supplies.His grades have dramatically improved, in fact he got his first A on an English test the other day. But more importantly, he’s just a happier, more confident person. Thank you!”

Michele Lenard
Parent, Adult Student – Sussex, NJ p.s. I’m using the system you taught us for my night classes.

Here are some of the many benefits revealed to you:

* Time saving techniques which will enable you to work less and get better grades

* The ability to memorize large amounts of information so you will always be prepared for tests

* Increased self esteem that leads to becoming a happier, more motivated person

* You’ll receive specific examples of this technique in action in every subject

Obviously, “Tune Up Your Memory” Video and eBook has dramatically changed many peoples’ lives – and it can change yours, too. Why don’t you give it a try now so you can start earning good grades fast? you will also receive the following free bonuses:

* 55 Minute Memory Workshop video – Scott Straub teaches his memory system to high school and college students in this dynamic workshop. See how to implement this powerful system quickly and easily. His techniques have been using by thousands of people around the world to dramatically increase their memory, and their lives. A $49.99 value.

* 6 page, easy to read “Quick-Start” guide – This guide gives you the tools to start implementing the information immediately. A $9.97 value.

* Workbook designed to help anyone, both young and old, to practice this powerful technique. A $9.97 value.


180 Day Guarantee. That’s One Whole School Year.

You Risk Absolutely Nothing!! 100 percent Guarantee I unconditionally guarantee this Program in black and white. You can order this program risk-free, even if you are simply curious. If for any reason you are unhappy with the tools and techniques, simply send it back to me within 180 days and I’ll refund your payment immediately. No questions asked! I’ll even pay for the return postage. You won’t risk a dime.

What customers say,

Scott Straub is one of most gifted instructors I have ever met. He understands how to help children succeed.” Harry Kerr, New York, NY

I’m 50 years old and I’ve just returned to school. This memory method helped me immediately with every class. Thank you!” Jim Ricen, Salt Lake City, Utah

Your system for organizing children has helped all three of my children become better students.” Rob Obrien, Nampa, ID

Mr. Straub I never thought I could do well in school, but now I can.” high school student, Atlanta, GA

I suggest you order at once because as much as I’d like to, I cannot guarantee this special low price for much longer. This program is being published under a special license arrangement with an independent publisher, and this offer is a limited price test. This special low price will soon be substantially higher.

Add to CartTry it Right Now- Risk Free – 180 Day Guarantee!

Wishing you prosperity and great grades,


Scott Straub Teacher, Author, Researcher

P.S. Take action today and try “Tune Up Your Memory” while I’m still offering these FREE bonuses:

* 55 Minute Memory Workshop Video With Memory Expert, Scott Straub – A $49.99 Value.

* 6 page, easy to read “Quick-Start” guide – A $9.97 Value.

This program is for struggling students and for students trying to get the ‘edge’ in school. This to-the-point video and eBook program shows you how to do much better in school – in less time. Think about what you life would be like if you had a better memory AND great grades today – why wouldn’t you order now?

Add to Cart“>I Want To Improve My Memory Now!

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